AirTran- Best Low Cost Airline of America!

United States of America operates numerous flights all over the world.AirTran is one of the best airlines in America which offers flights at low cost to the passengers. It was in the year 1997 that this international airline was introduced and has its headquarters located at Dallas. More than 3000 airlines are flown across various destinations all over the world and this airline operates around 700 flights every day.


For the past three years, this airline has been ranked as the number one low cost airline in the world. Its aircraft include Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 717. This airline operates 1022 flights between Baltimore and Chicago, 700 flights between Fort Lauderdale and Baltimore and more than 900 flights between Chicago and Baltimore every week.

Passengers are made available to the latest flight schedules and information regarding flight status through the internet. The offers and deals offered by the airline are made convenient to the passengers. This airline has gained a lot of importance among the passengers for its alluring services on ground and in flight entertainment. The passengers’ cabin is well equipped and they can have a comfortable travel.


AirTran makes sure that the customers’ safety and security are not disturbed in any way and they ensure that the crew members fulfill the needs of every passenger. Unaccompanied minors and disabled passengers are given special assistance and the passengers enjoy a fabulous travel without any difficulty. Have a pleasant trip flying in this airline with your beloved ones!

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